Backup Gmail Emails into PST format - [Professional Solution]

1. Backup Gmail Emails into PST format - [Professional Solution]

Albert Taylor

(usa Outra)

Enviado em 22/10/2021 - 06:48h

Data is the most important asset of each corporation as well as individuals. Many people manage business data in Gmail email accounts by configuring them with an IMAP email server. Losing that data and information can be very costly, even jeopardize the status of the business. That's why all need to backup Gmail emails regularly to ensure that the data is not lost. Outlook PST is the best file format to preserve the data in the local drive for further reference. Manually, it may take a lot of time to take a complete Gmail backup. On the other hand, several methods are available in the online market to backup email Gmail but, Gmail users do not recognize which is the best and reliable Gmail backup method when configured with the IMAP server. In this post, I will describe a professional method to backup Gmail emails into PST format. Read on.

A professional solution - Shoviv IMAP Backup and Restore tool:

Shoviv has been serving the best of users in email data backup, recovery/restore, and migration for over 4 years. Shoviv also provides the best software solution for IMAP Gmail backup into PST and restoring them to IMAP.


●It allows the backup of single/multiple emails of Gmail to PST in a single batch.

●Along with backup email Gmail, it provides backed-up data (PST files) to IMAP mailboxes.

●To get rid of remembering the backup process, It allows a scheduler option.

●The software has an incremental feature by default. So there is no anxiety about the interruption in the process.

●It comes with a free trial version to review for backup Gmail emails.

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