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Por: Rafael

Arquivo de configuração do mutt com vários set's para deixar o seu mutt redondinho.

# arquivo com os aliases
set     alias_file=~/.mutt.aliases
source  ~/.mutt.aliases

unset allow_8bit         # use QP or Base64 if unset.
unset arrow_cursor       # "->" as cursor (faster on slow networks).
unset ascii_chars        # Use ASCII chars for threading arrows.
unset askbcc             # ask to fill out Bcc on mesg-send?
unset askcc              # ask to fill out CC on mesg-send?
  set attach_split       # handle every single attachment instead of concat
  set autoedit           # start editor without asking for to, subject,...
  set auto_tag           # if something is tagged, run commands on tagged msgs.
  set beep               # beep on certain user errors and other errors
  set beep_new           # beep on new mail
unset bounce_delivered   # unset => remove Delivered-To: when bouncing.
  set check_new          # search for new messages in maildir/MH folders.
unset collapse_unread    # don't collapse threads with unread mails
unset confirmappend      # prompt for confirm when appending message to ex. mbox
  set confirmcreate      # prompt for confirm when saving to non existing mbox
  set copy               # always keep a copy of my mails
  set delete_untag       # untag messages when marking them for deletion.
  set edit_headers       # put headers in editor when composing messages
  set encode_from        # use Quoted-Printable, if ^From in a mail.
  set fast_reply         # do not ask for to, subject,... when replying.
  set fcc_attach         # store attachments too when doing a Fcc
  set fcc_clear          # FCCs will be stored unencrypted and unsigned
  set followup_to        # Add Mail-Followup-To header.
unset force_name         # outgoing mail to be saved in folder of "login name"
  set forward_decode     # decode messages when forwarding without MIME
unset forward_decrypt    # decrypt PGP message, when mime_forward and !mime_fw_d
unset forward_quote      # quote forwarded message, if not $mime_forward
  set hdrs               # nohdrs implies not to write my_hdr into mail.
unset header             # quote full header on reply
  set help               # show help in first line of the display
unset hidden_host        # when set, skip the host name part of hostname
  set honor_followup_to  # Mail-Followup-To header is honored?
unset ignore_list_reply_to    # ignore Reply-To pointing back to mailinglist
  set implicit_autoview  # use autoview, if a "copiousoutput" is in mailcap.
  set mailcap_sanitize   # remove ugly chars from mailcap % expands.
  set mark_old           # mark new articles as old, when leaving mbox
  set markers            # put a '+' at the beginning of wrapped lines.  
  set menu_scroll        # scroll on last line of menu (set) or do a nextpage?
unset meta_key           # Don't interpret Alt-x as ESC x
unset metoo              # should we keep ourselves in group replies?
  set mh_purge           # remove messages marked as deleted from MH folders.
unset mime_forward_decode     # decode messages when forwarding with MIME
  set pager_stop        # Don't jump to next message at end of message.
unset pgp_autosign
  set pgp_replysign     # always sign reply to signed message
  set pgp_replyencrypt  # always encrypt reply to encrypted message
  set pgp_replysignencrypted # yeah
unset pgp_verify_sig    # always verify pgp signatures
unset pgp_show_unusable # Show non-usable keys on the PGP key selection menu?
unset pipe_decode       # Weed headers and PGP-decode message before piping
  set pipe_split        # split tagged messages (or don't) when using "|"
unset prompt_after      # display prompt after exit from pager
unset read_only         # folders not read only
unset reply_self        # if unset, a reply to yourself implies reply to other
  set resolve           # go to next undeleted message after modifying actual
unset reverse_alias     # use realname from reverse alias lookup
unset reverse_name      # Set "From" to address, where replied mail was sent to
unset save_address      # Use full mail adress (with domain) as default folder.
unset save_empty        # remove mailbox when last message is removed.
unset save_name         # Fcc, if ~/Mail/<to> exists.
unset score             # don't do scoring
unset sig_dashes        # Don't prepend "-- \n" to the signature
  set smart_wrap        # wrap long lines at word boundary.
  set sort_re           # set: only put a child in a thread, if starts with Re:
  set status_on_top     # status line at the top or button?
unset strict_threads    # thread only by In-Reply-To/References or by Subject.
unset suspend           # Ctrl-Z is able to suspend mutt.
unset thorough_search   # MIME decode before searching.
  set tilde             # Internal Pager: ~~~~ at and of message?
unset uncollapse_jump   # don't move pointer, when uncollapsing thread
unset use_8bitmime      # run sendmail 8.8.x with -B8BITMIME to enable 8bit 
unset use_domain        # add $domain to all addresses without @host
unset use_from          # generate a "From:" header (unless my_hdr From:)
  set user_agent        # Create User-Agent: Mutt/<Version> header.
  set wait_key          # Only "press a key" if return value non-zero
  set wrap_search       # Wrap search to top/bottom.
unset write_bcc         # send Bcc: line to $sendmail
#set digest_collapse
#set locale="pt_BR"

set abort_nosubject=no     # Abort, if message has no subject.
set abort_unmodified=yes   # Abort, if message wasn't edited.
set delete=yes             # ask for confirmation when deleting messages?
set honor_followup_to=yes  # Ask whether to honor Mail-Followup-To header
set include=yes            # quote message, when replying
set mime_forward=ask-no    # use MIME when forwarding mails.
set move=no                # Move mail-spool to $mbox?
set postpone=ask-yes       # ask for postponing when doing an Abort.
set print=ask-yes          # ask whether you really want to print.
set quit=yes               # ask before quitting.
set recall=no              # ask for using postponed message.
set reply_to=yes           # Use or ignore Reply-To.
set ascii_chars=yes

set attribution="* %n (%a) wrote:"
set charset="iso-8859-1"
#iconv-hook iso-8859-1 8859-1
set send_charset="iso-8859-1:utf8"
set date_format="!%a %b %d, %Y at %I:%M:%S%p %Z"
set default_hook="~f %s | ~t %s"
set editor="vim '+/^$'"
#set editor="vim '+:5'"
set folder=~/mail     # directory with all mail folders
set history=100
set indent_str="> "
set ispell=/usr/lib/mutt/mailspell
set mail_check=5
set mark_old          # set: make distinction between New mail and Old mail.
set markers
set mbox=~/mail/Inbox # Where is my main mailbox (where should read mail go)
set pager_context=3
set pager_index_lines=10   # number of lines to see from the index
set pgp_timeout=1000  # number of seconds to cache passphrase
set postponed=~/mail/postponed
#set quote_regexp="^( {0,4}-?[>|:%]| {0,4}[a-z0-9]+[>|]+)+"
set read_inc=100
set realname="Rafael Alexandre Schmitt"
set record=+sent    # Where to save sent mail?
set reply_regexp="^((re|RE|SV|Re|r e|aw) ?:[ \t]*)*"
set simple_search="~f %s | ~C %s | ~s %s"   # default pattern (Fr|To|Cc|Su)
set sort_alias=alias
set sort_browser=alpha
set spoolfile=~/mail/Inbox
set status_chars="-*%A" # status of mbox (unchanged, changed, readonly, attach)
set tmpdir="/tmp"
set to_chars=" +TCFL"  #default (Not to me, To me, CC me, From me, mailing list)
#set to_chars=" +TCF "  #default (Not to me, To me, CC me, From me)
set write_inc=0 # number - display increment count for every n-th mail

set forward_format="(forw) [%a: %s]"
set index_format="%4C %Z %[!%d/%m] %-17.17F (%3l) %s"
set pager_format="%S [%C] %n (%l) %s"
set folder_format="%F %-8.8u %-8.8g %d %8s %N %f"
#set folder_format="%F %d %8s %N %f"
set status_format="-%r-Mutt: %f [Msgs:%?M?%M/?%m%?n? New:%n?%?o? Old:%o?%?d? Del:%d?%?F? Flag:%F?%?t? Tag:%t?%?p? Post:%p?%?b? Inc:%b? %?l? %l?]---(%s/%S)-%>-(%P)---"

auto_view text/html text/enriched application/x-gunzip application/postscript /gif application/x-tar-gz application/pgp-signature image/*

bind attach ' ' select-entry

bind index   \t    next-new
bind pager   \t    next-new
bind index   ' '   next-unread
bind pager   ' '   next-unread
bind index   V     show-version
bind pager   V     show-version
bind index   A     create-alias
bind pager   A     create-alias

macro generic   ,ve   "!Eterm -e vim ~/.muttrc &\r"
macro generic   ,vu   ":source ~/.muttrc\r"
macro generic   ,va   "!Eterm -e vim ~/.mutt.aliases &\r"

macro pager   G     "!fetchmail\r"
macro index   G     "!fetchmail\r"

bind index   P          recall-message
bind index   s          save-message
bind browser x          check-new
bind index   <pagedown> next-page
bind index   <pageup>   previous-page
bind index   x          sync-mailbox
bind index   a          tag-prefix
bind index   \;         tag-entry
bind index   t          tag-entry

macro index  ,l         "l~N ! ~p\n"
macro index  ,n         "l~N\n"

macro index  "\\S"  "c=sent\r"
macro pager  "\\S"  "c=sent\r"
macro index  I      "c!\n" "Go to Inbox"
macro pager  I      "c!\n" "Go to Inbox"

# ===========================
#    Bindings for pager
# ===========================

bind pager     /   search
bind pager     L   list-reply
bind pager     b   bounce-message
bind pager     f   forward-message
bind pager     m   mail
bind pager     g   group-reply
bind pager     j   next-line
bind pager     k   previous-line
bind pager     :   enter-command
bind pager     p   previous-undeleted
bind pager     n   next-undeleted
bind pager     \n  next-new
bind compose   \n  send-message
bind compose   s   send-message
bind pager     ,p  print-message

macro pager "i" "<sync-mailbox><change-folder>?<toggle-mailboxes>"
macro index "i" "<sync-mailbox><change-folder>?<toggle-mailboxes>"

bind  pager   <up>     previous-line
bind  pager   <down>   next-line
bind  pager   <left>   exit
bind  pager   <right>  view-attachments
bind  attach  <left>   exit
bind  attach  <right>  view-attach
bind  index   <right>  display-message
macro index   <left>   "c?<tab>"
bind  browser <right>  select-entry
bind  browser <left>   exit

set query_command = "lbdbq %s"

color attachment white     magenta
color body      cyan       default  "ftp://[^ ]*"
color body     brightgreen default "[[:alnum:]][-+.#_[:alnum:]]*@[-+.[:alnum:]]*[[:alnum:]]"
color body      cyan       default  "<URL:[^ ]*>"
color bold      green      default
color error     red        default

color header    yellow     default  "^from"
color header    green      default  "^from:"
color header    green      default  "^to:"
color header    green      default  "^cc:"
color header    green      default  "^date:"
color header    yellow     default  "^newsgroups:"
color header    yellow     default  "^reply-to:"
color header    brightcyan default  "^subject:"
color header    red        default  "^x-spam-rule:"
color header    yellow     default  "^x-mailer:"
color header    yellow     default  "^message-id:"
color header    yellow     default  "^Organization:"
color header    yellow     default  "^Organisation:"  
color header    yellow     default  "^User-Agent:"  
color header    yellow     default  "^message-id: .*pine"
color header    yellow     default  "^X-Fnord:"
color header    yellow     default  "^X-WebTV-Stationery:"
color header    yellow     default  "^X-Message-Flag:"
color header    yellow     default  "^X-Spam-Status:"
color header    yellow     default  "^X-SpamProbe:"
color header    red        default  "^X-SpamProbe: SPAM"

color indicator white      blue
color markers   red        default
color message   white      blue

color normal    white     default  # pager body

color quoted    cyan      default
color quoted1   yellow    default
color quoted2   red       default
color quoted3   green     default
color quoted4   cyan      default
color quoted5   yellow    default
color quoted6   red       default
color quoted7   green     default

color signature brightred      default
color status    white          blue
color tilde     blue           default
color tree      brightmagenta  default
color underline yellow         default
color body      yellow         default  "[;:]-[)/(|]"  # colorise smileys
color body      yellow         default  "[;:][)/(|]"
color body      brightblue     default  "(http|https|ftp|news|telnet|finger)://[^ ]*"
color body      brightblue     default  "\\b[^ ]+://[^ ]*"

color index     yellow         default  ~N      # New
color index     yellow         default  ~O      # Old
color index     brightgreen    default  '~p'    # mail to myself
color index     brightcyan    default  '~P'    # mail from myself
color index     magenta        default  ~F      # Flagged
color index     blue           default  ~T      # Tagged
color index     red            default  ~D      # Deleted

ignore *
unignore from: date subject to cc reply-to:
unignore organization organisation
unignore user-agent: x-agent: x-mailer: x-newsreader:

# ordering of headers in the pager
unhdr_order *
hdr_order Date: From: To: Cc: X-Newsreader: X-Mailer: Organization: Organisation: User-Agent: X-Fnord: X-WebTV-Stationery: X-Message-Flag: Newsgroups: Reply-To: Subject:

alternative_order text/plain   # I like plaintext more than html.

folder-hook .    set timeout=30
folder-hook .    set sort=threads
folder-hook .    set sort_aux=date-sent
folder-hook "!"  set timeout=5
folder-hook .    set signature=~/.signature
folder-hook .    save-hook .* =lists/%B
folder-hook .    unmy_hdr *
folder-hook .    my_hdr From: Rafael Alexandre Schmitt <[email protected]>
send-hook   .    my_hdr X-Operating-System: Linux/`uname -r` (`uname -m`)
folder-hook .    set signature="~/.signature"

lists [email protected] a[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

[1] Comentário enviado por 0FerchuS0 em 17/06/2009 - 10:08h

e onde eu guardo este arquivo de configuracao?

mt obrigado..

[2] Comentário enviado por rafasch em 17/06/2009 - 21:10h

No seu diretório de usuário ( o seu /home/usuario/.muttrc )

[3] Comentário enviado por hgb em 26/08/2011 - 09:52h

qual nome esse arquivo deve ter ?


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