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Home Page: www.pedrofranca.combr

Profissão: Linux System Administrator


Iptables, squid, mrtg, nagios, proftpd, openvpn, Zabbix, Cacti, Samba


Systems Administrator, with over 8 years of experience in the IT industry.
Very determinate and passionate about IT field.

I am always interested in new technologies specially concerning Linux, visualization and monitoring. I am able to work alone or as part of a team.

Specialties: Linux Operating Systems (Ubuntu, OpenSuSe, Debian) Installation, Configuration, Administration, Clustering and Virtualisation using KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine), Nagios, Zabbix, Squid, Apache2, Cacti, Iptables, OpenLDAP, MYSQL, Shell Script, OpenVPN, TCPWrappers, PAM, Samba4 and NTP.

• System Administration: Linux – CentOS,Ubuntu, Windows NT,2k,2k3,2k8, 2k12 (including AD, DNS and WINS).
• Internet Service Management: Deployment and managing Linux base DNS (BIND), Proxy(Squid), Ftp(Vsftpd), LAMP stack, LDAP.
• Network Monitoring solution: Nagios, Zabbix and Cacti.
• Messaging Solution: Linux base Postfix & Sendmail server design and setup. Deploy Google email corporate, DNS & Active Directory (2k3/2k8/2k12).
• Firewall: Iptables, SonicWall (Appliance Dell).
• Print & File Server: Set up & administration of Print & File Server (Windows 2k3/2k8,2k12, Linux).
• IT Service & Support: Very good understanding & hands on experience on providing IT service & support.
• Virtualization (VMware & Proxmox): Hands on experience of managing VMware and Proxmox.

5 years on GNU/Linux (Centos, Debian and Ubuntu) & Windows Systems (2k3/2k8/2k12).
4 years on Open Source DNS (BIND), Proxy (squid), Nagios, Cacti, Samba.
8 years on Active Directory (2k3/2k8), DNS, WINS.
4 years on Iptables.
8 years on IT Service & Support, Help Desk.
2 years on VMware (4/5), Proxmox.

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