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Java Enterprise specialist, I focused my career in the last decade creating distributed and scalable Java applications using Java EE, Spring and other technologies that is related with Java ecosystem. Recently I got involved with cloud technologies in a big cloud project at TOTVS with Amazon Web Services, so this is the focus of my carrer nowadays.


I am passionate about technology in general especially for software, at all levels. I like to learn and get involved with new technologies and apply them when appropriate. I have a technical background and chosen technical area early in my career. I have worked as a project leader many times but I never got away from the technical tasks.

I have developed softwares in C, C++, Visual C, Visual Basic, Clipper, Pascal, etc. For the last ten years I have dedicated my time to the Java Standard and Enterprise platform and its ecosystems. I keep myself informed about new languages such as Scala, Ruby, Groovy, etc. I generally use them when I need to solve specific problems that they may do better than Java itself. In a recent project, for instance, I made use of Node.js technology for a notification system.

I strongly believe in modular software development using open-source technologies to compose the architecture. I recently got involved with emerging technologies such as Lucene (Solr), Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.. Even if I do not apply them on the projects I work now, I think it is important to know these things as this knowledge may be helpful in new projects architecture.

I have worked for industries (Pirelli Pneus and Vale do Rio Doce), for the financial sector (ABN AMRO Bank and Santander) and as a consultant in TCS (Tata Consultancy) Services. At TCS I worked for lots of clients in many projects. For the last two years I've been working for TOTVS, a software development company.

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