Antergos - almost my cup of tea

1. Antergos - almost my cup of tea

Adam Levine

(usa Outra)

Enviado em 08/03/2018 - 01:12h

Latest Gnome rendition of Antergos really pleased me!
Installation was flawless.
It is the fastest Arch based distro i've tried yet.

Two things made me remove it:
1. couldn't get "hide top panel" or "auto-hide top panel" extensions (via Firefox) to work. Just like default Ubuntu, i just can not stand not being able to move or auto-hide that top panel!
2. could not get printer to install automatically like it happens in other distros.
I know, there are ways to get the printer to work. It's just that i feel that there's no reason for it not to do it automatically.

So much for my rant!

I really like this latest version though!

[url=]há hắng[/url]

<a href="">há h&#7855;ng</a>
[há h&#7855;ng](


2. Re: Antergos - almost my cup of tea


(usa openSUSE)

Enviado em 08/03/2018 - 10:51h

so now did you get those features that it got missing before?
i used antergos past year and i just leave it because i love debian so much. it seems like all distros benefits from debian packages, even Arch through yaourt.


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